Wedding Photography Via Polaroid

As a wedding photographer I was super nervous to let go of creative control of my wedding. What if I don't like the angle they chose? What if they focus too much on me and not my guests? What if they forget to tell me I have a double chin? In an effort to keep piece of mind, I decided to shoot my own wedding with a polaroid camera.  

I was gifted the little pink Instax camera for my bachelorette and could not have had more fun with it. All the girls loved the vintage feel and I have always been somewhat obsessed with film in general. With polaroids there are no possibilities for "redos". No one can say, "show me... wait, my arm looks fat lets take it again" or "I don't like my chin, one more." One photo and no matter what, that is the finished product. 

If you think back to your parents wedding or even grandparents wedding, you'll recall maybe seeing 2-3 pictures. Back before the digital age, portraits were so special, unique and rare. My grandmother passed the year I got engaged and I wanted to do something that paid homage to her special day. Just a few physical mementos that are unique reminders of my moment in time. 

I put one of my friends in charge of manning the little pink camera while I was off enjoying the day! Going through them the morning after felt like I had lived a dream. Not all of the polaroids were perfect: some were overexposed, many were darker than my style but I felt like I had these little pieces of my day that belonged to just me. Yes, they can be scanned and shared, but these little squares that hang in our shared home are a reminder that your love exists in the now and not through a digital screen. Here are a few shots from the weekend!