Winery at Bull Run Sweetheart Session | Ashley & Cole

Photographing these two was a DREAM. Ashley & Cole are college sweethearts that met through mutual friends. They wanted to do something special to celebrate their two year anniversary and thought couples pictures would be a great idea. Oh man, am I so glad they did! 

These two are currently dating long distance. She attends Shenandoah University and Cole is at the Virginia Military Institute. Different locations aside, the two seem to make time for each other every chance they get. Ashley will either drive over for a formal or the two will meet in the middle. Distance certainly makes the heart grow fonder and pictures even sweeter!

One of my favorite things about this unique couple was when I asked if Cole would mind picking Ashley up or giving her a piggy back ride. They answered, "that's kind of our thing!" Minutes later, she was hurling her body at him for a koala hug. Ashley is the most adorable little thing so it was no problem for these two to look effortless while performing minor acrobatics. 

Halfway through the session, Ash and Cole threw on their college tees! I absolutely loved this! They were not only immediately more comfortable but they were able to snuggle in jeans as if it was an average Sunday night! Ashley admitted to having heaps of Cole's Military Institute tees that she wears on to think of him. There is nothing more comfortable than your boyfriend's cozy shirts, right? 

This session led to one of my favorite photos featured above. After the winery, we headed over to the Manassas battlefield right before the rain set in. Although we didn't get that golden light of sunset, the two lit up the camera all on their own. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day from my cutest college couple!