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Every year, I have couples ask me where to tie the knot! To try to help out, I decided to make a list about the Best DC Wedding Locations and it was such a hit that I decided to turn it into a little series. Here are my favorite rustic Northern Virginia Wedding Venues and below are my favorite Maryland wedding venue favorites: 

1. Patapsco Female Institute 


Patapsco Female Institute is the most unique wedding venue in the DMV area! Located in Ellicott, City Maryland, this open air wedding venue is a dream come true for unique brides. 

2. The Mt. Washington Mill- Dye House

The Mt. Washington Mill- Dye House wedding.jpg

The Mt. Washington Mill Dye House is such a funky wedding venue that I am dying to shoot at! This modern Maryland wedding venue is to “dye” for. Hehe.

3. Springfield Manor

Springfield Manor Wedding.jpg

Springfield Manor weddings are classic and elegant. I will never get sick of manor weddings!

4. Newton White Mansion

Newton White Mansion wedding.jpg

Newton White Mansion is a venue I have yet to visit but it is on my list this off season! It looks STUNNING.

5. The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum Wedding.jpg

The Walters Art Museum is a massive, timeless wedding venue in Baltimore. You can go “scouting” as an art patron!

6. Stone Manor

Stone Manor Wedding.jpg

Stone Manor has a lovely getting ready and ceremony space! Definitely a GREAT and easy venue choice.

7. Oxon Hill Manor

Oxon Hill Manor Wedding.jpg

Oxon Hill Manor has been on my radar for a while now. A must see if you’re considering a manor wedding.

8. The Inn at Perry Cabin

The Inn at Perry Cabin Wedding.jpg

The Inn at Perry Cabin is a personal favorite. This is where they filmed Wedding Crashers! Ben and I did a styled shoot here the week after we got married and it felt like a mini vacation.

9. Chesapeake Bay Club

Chesapeake Bay Club Wedding.png

Chesapeake Bay Club is the perfect beachside wedding venue in Maryland. If you want dock wedding photos, I got you!

10. Brittland Estates

Brittland Estates Wedding.jpg

Brittland Estates weddings are fabulous! I can’t think of a season where this property isn’t stunning.

11. George Peabody Library

George Peabody Library Wedding.jpg

George Peabody Library weddings are a dream come true. You’ll feel like a fairytale princess! Talk about DRAMA!

12. Cylburn Arboretum

Cylburn Arboretum Baltimore wedding.jpg

Cylburn Arboretum is probably where I would get married if I had a Maryland wedding. I just ADORE garden weddings.

13. Rawlings Conservatory Greenhouse

Rawlings Conservatory Greenhouse Wedding.jpg

Rawlings Conservatory Greenhouse is the best because there is a built in rain plan. Greenhouse weddings provide heaps of natural light and you don’t need to worry about weather!

14. Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens Wedding.jpg

Brookside Gardens have multiple spots on site where you can say “I Do.” I just adored Katie and Taylor's engagement session here!

15. Chase Court

Chase Court Wedding.jpg

Chase Court weddings seem like a castle wedding in Baltimore. This would be fit for Princess Kate’s wedding!

16. Woodlawn Estate Farm

Woodlawn Estate Farm Wedding.jpg

Woodlawn Estate Farm is a great rustic choice in Maryland. I got married on a farm so I may be a little biased in suggesting this one ;)

17. Celebrations at the Bay

Celebrations at the Bay Wedding.jpg

Celebrations at the Bay is the perfect wedding venue for beachy Maryland weddings. Wear heels or flip-flops! It’s your decision!

18. Naval Academy

Naval Academy Wedding.jpg

Naval Academy weddings are gorgeous and obviously for those men or women dedicated to our Navy. Although the chapel only offers 1 hour windows, you can take portraits all over campus. Be sure to submit your background paperwork beforehand!

19. Woodlawn Manor

Woodlawn Manor Wedding.jpg

Woodlawn Manor weddings are regal. Again add this to your manor list if you want a classic Maryland wedding!

20. Gramercy Mansion

Gramercy Mansion Wedding.jpg

Gramercy Mansion gives me all the photographer heart eyes. Portraits here are just READY to be framed!

21. Evergreen Museum and Library

Evergreen Museum and Library Wedding.jpg

Evergreen Museum and Library gives you a Beauty and the Beast wedding vibe. There is just something so romantic about wandering a library in a wedding gown.

22. The Cloisters Castle

The Cloisters Castle Wedding.jpg

The Cloisters Castle is a castle back drop IN MARYLAND. You don’t need to travel to Scotland to get beautiful stone architecture. 

23. Seasons at Magnolia's

Seasons at Magnolia's Wedding.jpg

Seasons at Magnolia's is a very unique Maryland wedding venue. You can style this venue to fit so many wedding themes because it has such range! 

24. Spring Hill Manor

Spring Hill Manor Wedding.jpg

Spring Hill Manor is a natural beauty. Ok, I realize I have put a few manors on this list BUT you need to visit these places to see how STUNNING they are and pick the one that matches your unique vision.

25. Strong Mansion

Strong Mansion Wedding.jpg

Strong Mansion has a WOW factor that will impress out of town guests traveling to Maryland. There are so many great locations for portraits here!

26. Belmont Manor

Belmont Manor Wedding.jpg

Belmont Manor weddings have a whimsical feel and great sunsets! A must see for sure.

27. Historic London Town and Gardens

Historic London Town and Gardens Wedding.jpg

Historic London Town and Gardens makes my list of Maryland wedding venues because I am a sucker for garden weddings. Spring is best here!

28. Woodend Sanctuary

Woodend Sanctuary Wedding.jpg

Woodend Sanctuary is a venue I am at a few times a year! Morgan & Jeff had a Woodend fall wedding and Amy & Craig tied the knot in summer in the exact same spot. The property is well run and stunning in all seasons. 

29. Chevy Chase Club

Chevy Chase Club Wedding.jpg

Chevy Chase Club is new to my list! My friend Steph got married here and while I was a guest, I fell in LOVE with the vine covered walls. It is the only gold club to make my list.

30. The Royer House

The Royer House Wedding.jpg

The Royer House is a quaint little venue in Carroll County! If you want rustic chic, this is your place!

31. Carroll County Farm

Carroll County Farm  Wedding.jpg

Carroll County Farm is perfect for a big rustic wedding! The outside is just as stunning as the inside!

32. Ostertag Vistas

Ostertag Vistas wedding.jpg

Ostertag Vistas is perfect if you want rolling hills in Maryland. I mean, the sunset here is to die for. 

33. Rocklands Farm

Rocklands Farm Wedding.jpg

Rocklands Farm is a darling little red barn in Poolsville! You can get married outdoors and then party in the barn! 

34. Morningside Inn

Morningside Inn  Wedding.jpg

Morningside Inn has so many options for portraits! Down by the lake is just stunning! 

35. Smokey Glen Farm

Smokey Glen Farm wedding.jpg

Smokey Glen Farm is a wedding venue I came across in 2016! This is a great rustic Maryland wedding venue!

36. Running Hare Vineyard

Running Hare Vineyard Wedding.jpg

Now normally I would suggest Virginia wedding venues for wineries but this one is quite stunning! Running Hare Vineyard makes you feel like you're in Tuscany! 

37. The Inn at Huntingfield Creek


This little Inn makes you feel like you're in Rhode Island! The Inn at Huntingfield Creek is perfect for intimate Maryland weddings. 


There you have it guys! This was my longest venue list yet! Hit up my DC, Virginia and Charloettesville wedding venue blog posts for more ideas!