Cactus Inspired Wedding | Elopement Inspiration

One major thing you should know about me is that I love cacti. I have multiple articles of clothing with cactus prints, I had succulent name cards at my wedding and I traveled all the way to Arizona to make dang sure I got bridal portraits with cactus. Thanks to Ashley Knolla, that dream came true. 

These large cactus plants are called saguaro. When flying out to the west, I was OBSESSED. However, all the couples I shot didn’t seem to think they were a big deal! I guess I can liken it to growing up in Florida and being disenchanted with the beach. I am always perplexed why everyone in my area is obsessed with the Outer Banks. Have they been to Delray Beach? Anyways, Ashley was such a champ for posing in all her bridal beauty in front of this massive cactus. It made my photographer heart so so happy. These were some of my favorite portraits I managed to snap in Arizona and I am so excited to share them with you today! In fact, I may blow one up for my office. Enjoy this cactus inspired wedding style.