Ben and I met when we were 17 years old. He was actually my swimming recruit! I toured him around Duke in my high top Converse chucks while trying my hardest to convince him to join the swim team.. and maybe marry me in the process. My evil plan worked! Eight (not-so-short) years later, we tied the knot on May 14th, 2016. There is not enough space on this page to tell you how much I adore this man. Nothing you see here would be possible without his love, support and sense of humor. He makes me a better person every day. Now feel free to click on the pretty pictures of us to the left. Normally, we are in sweatpants on the couch so please enjoy these rare gems! 


Growing up, my house was always filled with animals. We typically had 2 dogs, 3 cats and whatever strays we could pick up along the way. Once Ben and I graduated college, it wasn't a moment too soon that we adopted our kitties- Tuna & Lobo. My family has a tradition of naming pets after other animals: we had a dog named Bear and a cat named Moose. It was only right that my tabby would be named Tuna-Fish Tuben and our tubby orange baby is called Lobo which means wolf in Spanish! We cannot thank Lost Dog Society enough for these two creatures and highly recommend that you check them out if you're planning to add new members to your family. 


Traveling is a massive part of my life. I grew up on planes going back and forth visiting my parents and I always found comfort in the next adventure. In college, I taught photography to children in Tanzania and briefly lived in Vietnam teaching soccer in a summer camp! I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to lead a life that allows me to see more of the world; I backpacked through Europe, visited to 31 states and climbed a glacier in Iceland.... This is the part where I put some cheesy quote about travel to make you think I am deep and some sort of wanderlust, but I hate quotes so instead, to the left I gave you some photos of my personal travels!