I am first and foremost a teacher at heart. I have taught children all over the world in countries like Tanzania, Vietnam and even right here at home. I view teaching as a way to leave a legacy and make a mark on the world. Education is dear to my heart. I would not be where I am today without the teachers and mentors in my life. At Duke, I wrote my thesis on educational equality and I went on to get my masters at GMU in Special Education. Although I have stepped out of the classroom, I am still called to spread knowledge to those who want to learn.  


As a small business owner, I want to equip you with the same tools that have made me successful in my own company. Each session is tailored to you and your vision. Before we meet, you will receive a questionnaire that allows me to develop a plan to best serve your needs. I have coached bloggers, graphic designers, photographers, party planners and other small business owners alike! Topics range from shooting tips to branding but all lead you towards helping build your empire. Choose from one of the three methods that speaks to your mission!


Mentoring I: 1 hour Skype Session ($100) 

This digital coaching is the best bang for your buck. From the comfort of your home, most likely in yoga pants, this one on one coaching will be a game changer. I will divulge all my company secrets in the area where you most need development and we will have an open Q&A on any area of your choosing. Topics often include web design, social media, networking, client outreach, albums, shooting tips, wedding timelines, and workflow. 


Mentoring II: 2 hour Face-to-Face ($300)

Some folks like to kick it old school and meet in person. I love that! If you’re the kind of person who could never imagine taking an online course, this is for you! While we will also cover the topics above, this option is best if you have more hands on, technical questions. This also includes a mini headshot session to use in branding and social media. Locations vary. 


Mentoring III: In the Field Coaching Session- Coaching & Styled Shoot  ($500)

This is my favorite way of coaching. In school, teachers are excepted to show a concept (I Do), work on that concept with the student (We Do) and then release the pupil into independent practice (You Do). This option is my “I Do, We Do, You Do” method! This option is best for photographers who want more hands on experience or simply want to shoot more for their portfolio. Depending on your brand, I will select a couple for an engagement session or for wedding portraits to capture! In the session, I will show you my best posing techniques and some best practice shooting tips! 


*Email me directly to inquire about my rates larger speaking engagements and conferences.