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I have spent years learning how to grow a business that supports my family. My photography career has positively changed my life forever. It's my hope that the education tools I developed here will do the same for you. 


I attended Kir's first education experience and I'm still using the advice she gave us to this day. She created the best team to deliver an experience down to every little detail. She really raised the bar for what could be possible. We learned how Kir interacts with her clients, how she styles her details, and how she runs her business. Kir is a wealth of knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her. She's the real deal. -Sydney

What an incredible experience! Kir was like an open book! She taught us some of the tips she had learned along the way and even showed us her actual workflow process. I'm so thankful she’s educating as I got so many amazing images to showcase! Definitely recommend, you won't be disappointed! -Emily

I did education with Kir, and it was phenomenal! Kir really gives from the heart and holds nothing back. Her practical instruction and guidance have elevated my photography skills and gave me the confidence to start shooting film. Can’t wait to learn more from her!  -Talah

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Want to dive deeper? Here are 2 full online courses to help grow your skills. The Business & Photography Collections are sold separately. 

These mini-guides are the perfect supplement to your business. Whatever your struggle, there s a guide for you!

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This is the perfect place to start your educational journey. Browse the blog for helpful tips on all things photography!

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Is online learning not your thing? That's fine! Each year, I offer a small number of in person coaching opportunities on a case by case basis.  I have curated 3 different mentoring experiences tailored to your business and photography needs. Contact me for in person coaching or upcoming workshop experiences in the DMV area. 

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This digital coaching is the best bang for your buck. From the comfort of your home, most likely in yoga pants, this one on one coaching will be a game changer. I will divulge all my company secrets in the area where you most need development and we will have an open Q&A on any area of your choosing. Topics often include web design, social media, networking, client outreach, albums, shooting tips, wedding timelines, and workflow.