District of Columbia Winter Wedding | Erin & Jonathan


There aren't words for how much I adored this wedding. Erin and Jonathan are a one in a million couple. They cared about all the right things on their wedding day: family, friends and good times. I snapped their engagement portraits at the Lincoln Memorial and we had a blast, even at sunrise. Jonathan is the brother of one of my best friends and Erin is his perfect counterpart. Both the Rays and the McKennas are incredible families and I felt honored to capture the joining of their families! 

When I asked Erin about her wedding, she made all her decisions with a practical thought. Her bridal party, composed mostly of her sisters and Jonathan's sisters, got ready at her childhood home. The church, Blessed Sacrament of Chevy Chase, was right around the corner from her house and the reception at the Chevy Chase Rescue Squad was chosen because it was the only place that could fit the guest list close by! Her little sister even made the wedding cake! 

This wedding proves that if you focus on all the right things, your wedding day will be perfect. There was no last minute panic about matching robes and no tears over sparkler exists. In fact, there was no wedding drama at all! Just two people celebrating their commitment to one another. The speeches were heartfelt and the anniversary dance stole my heart! The newlyweds danced all night and spent time with the people who matter.  A major congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Ray!