Destination Wedding Bucket List | Wedding Photographer Kir Tuben


Last year, I made a Destination Photography Bucket List on the blog. This year, I looked back on it to see if I had made any progress. I shot 8 of the 20 locations on the list! Not half bad for a year! After a full calendar year had past, I was inspired by my journey to look ahead to new travel and reevaluate the list! Some remained on the list and a few new venue-related locations popped up. Here it is folks!

The United States

Pippin Hill

Pippin Hill Wedding.jpg

This is by far the closest location on my bucket list! In fact, Ben and I almost got married at Pippin Hill! I had an inquiry to photograph a wedding here but I was already booked. Dream location!


GreenBrier Wedding.png

I am completely in love with this funky little hotel! It reminds me so much of the Colony in Palm Beach! The Greenbrier is definitely the only golf course that made the list!


Alaska Wedding.jpg

After our trips to Iceland and Banff, Ben and I have a soft spot for glaciers and cold vacations! I also weirdly heard that cruises are fun here. 

Utah Salt Flats


I almost went to the Bonneville Salt Flats during my trip out west but they're further north than all the national parks! 


Hawaii Wedding.jpg

Honestly, I don't even need to shoot a wedding here. I just really want to go with Ben! It was number 2 on the list for our Honeymoon but Bora Bora won out! 


620 loft and garden.jpg

There are a few venues in New York I would love to photograph at. The Foundry LIC and Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Pod 39 are at the top of my list! My favorite, however is 620 5th Ave Garden. It is part of the Rainbow Room and you have to call ahead to go up! There is a hefty permit fee but the view is stunning! Lucky for me, New York is only a bus ride away! 

Ice Castles


Ice Castles are a yearly phenomena! This has to be done in winter and there are a few locations with New Hampshire being the closest to me!


California Wedding Venues_0001.jpg

I shot my first Cali wedding this year and LOVED it! There are a few locations I want to shoot at but most notably: San Ysidro Ranch, The Santa Barbara Courthouse and the Exploratorium in San Francisco! I am also obsessed with Highland Springs for the lavender. 


Texas Wedding Venues_0000.jpg

When I was making this list, I was surprised with how often Texas venues came up! I am dying to shoot at these locations: The White Sparrow and The Castle at Rockwall both in Dallas, The Greenhouse at Driftwood in Austin and The Mission San Jose




All of my wanderlust friends say that this is the most overlooked destination in Europe! 


Fishermans Bastion.jpg

Fishermans Bastion is a castle overlooking a historic city. SIGN ME UP. I've also heard that I would love Budapest from my gal pals who have been. 



Vow renewal in a hot air balloon anyone? Cappadocia has been on my bucketlist for YEARS because of this beautiful scene. Obviously need to watch travel advisories for this one! 



Bucaco Palace (said Bussaco) is a dream venue. I am debating getting a room just for Ben and myself one summer week!

Germany: Berlin & Potsdam


So, I love Germany. Munich floored me last time I was there and I need to see more of this stunning country. The three places I want to see are: Belvedere Pfingstberg + Glienicke Palace + Sanssouci Park

Lake Como


While I have been to the Italian coast, I never did make it up to Lake Como. Specifically I would like to see Villa Monastero!

Farther Abroad



The architecture, the culture, the scenery!? Need I say more?  My gal pal Ellese and I are planning a trip here which includes a desert stay! 



Ben and I have been planning Japan for over 2 years! All we need is a stretch of time long enough to adventure all over this amazing island! 



This locations straddles the line between personal and wanting to capture a couple in love. I would need two hikers in love! I would also love to explore Chile and the Patagonia all in one trip. 

Dominican Republic


A wedding in these gorgeous ruins!? Yes please! 

Giraffe manor


I adored my time in Tanzania and would love to go back to Africa! The Giraffe Hotel would be my dream hotel with Ben! 



Out of all my travels, Southeast Asia is still the place that I would travel back to again and again. Temples, great food, amazing people? What more could you want!