Evening Beth El Wedding | Pam & Tom

Pam and Tom had one of the most heartfelt weddings of the year. This couple didn’t care about any of the pomp and circumstance of a big production. The two just wanted an intimate ceremony with family and close friends. Arguably, this is what every wedding should be about. I felt extremely honored that they let me capture their love and take a peek into their lives.

Pam and Tom met through the Simons- a family I had tutored for in the past! In fact, the Simons, their parents and their children all surrounded the chuppah as they professed their marriage vows. The ceremony was rather traditional and the glass broke with ease! 

The reception had to be my favorite part of the evening. Pam immediately kicked off her shoes to start dancing. The couple started their first to “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent which was met with the appropriate amount of laughter and applause. Pam’s dance with her father was to “The Gambler” and he would scurry away every time the lyric “know when to run” came on. Tom’s mother-son dance was just as unique because she stopped the song halfway through to ask for something “with a little more beat”. She tore up the dance floor the rest of the night in her fringe dress and some of my favorite reception shots are of this spit-fire lady. She definitely is living the idea that age is just a number. 

The speeches were equally as joyous as the dancing. Pam’s daughter gave a heartfelt speech about when Tom asked her permission to marry her mother. She was followed by Tom’s three rowdy brothers who talked about Tom’s adventurous-foodie nature. This couple has a true, authentic love that shined through on their wedding day and will continue to shine throughout their long happy lives together.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the da

Venue | Beth El

Photographer | Kir2ben

Assistant Photographer | Kayt Greer

Caterer | Custom Kosher

DJ & Videography | Escapist Entertainment

Ceremony Music | Zach Cutler