With all this rain we have been having, Stephanie & Nick were honestly blessed to have had a stunning, sunny outdoor ceremony! The two had an intimate wedding in Alexandria and were surrounded by family and friends as they said “I Do” at Cedar Knoll Inn. This was my first time shooting at this location and I can’t wait to return! 

This pair had the funniest meet-cute. When I asked how the couple came to be, Nick looked at Stephanie and said, “Should you tell it or should I?” The two had been going to the same church for years, had a number of mutual friends and actually met on Match.com! Who would have thought you should turn to the internet to meet someone 10 feet from you! The adorable couple was smiles all day. 

Stephanie planned this wedding in 4 months! My mouth nearly dropped to the floor when she revealed this fact. It took me a year and a half (coupled with a lifetime of dreaming) to plan my perfect day and it nearly took her a few weeks. Many of her vendors were friends including the amazing calligraphy from one of her bridesmaids! This DIY bride put together a day that would make you swoon.

I also had the pleasure of capturing this day with one of my favorite photographers: Carly Arnwine. This Boss Lady shoots weddings while her fiance is abroad building houses in Ethiopia. How cool is that! The day was filled with smiles on both sides of the camera. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day: