These are some amazing friends I have right here. Cara and Matt got married nearly one year ago in Costa Rica! Their intimate wedding was a dream come true in a tropical paradise. When shooting my promotional video for Kir2Ben, I just knew I had to ask them to be my models! I took them to a park near my house in Falls Church for an anniversary session which will soon be featured in my About Me video! 

I’ve known Cara for nearly six years now, which is crazy to think about. Cara and I swam together in college and had the same carefree attitude towards most things in life. We both love rum and coke, the beach and share the same drive to be successful in life. We never focused much on the dating scene at Duke which is why it took me by surprise when Cara first described Matt to me. She said she had never felt this much in love before! This is how I knew that Matt was the perfect guy for Cara. He had this down to earth gal talking love and soulmates in a matter of months!

Once I met him, the pair made perfect sense. It is easy to see the love that exists between these two people. Whether it’s over wings at a BBQ, at game night, or during this session, Matt always makes Cara smile. These two have a great sense of humor and are always cracking jokes. In fact, we both happen to share a love of Lil’ Dicky: Ben’s doppelg√§nger and hilarious white-jewish rapper.

 I am so thrilled that they have found one another and celebrated their first year of marriage with many more to come. I am also thankful to have them in VA with me for as long as possible! Here are a few more of my favorite shots from my sinner afternoon with Matt & Cara: