I had the honor of assisting Marirosa Anderson at the wedding of Camila & Peter this spring. I had a BLAST being by her side all day. This wedding was a cultural explosion of Latin dances and sweet wedding traditions. Peter and Camila were the sweetest couple and I loved snapping them all day at Marymount and then again at the Ft. Meyers Officer’s club.

The two had an extremely fun day. They did a first look and rode around in a limo between ‘I Do’ and ‘Let’s dance!’ Both the bride and groom have twins in their families and both sets of twins were in the wedding party (including the groom, Peter)! Their wedding party was composed of family so you can imagine how close their families have become! 

The way Peter made Camila laugh during the entire day was heart warming to see. You can immediately tell that these two were made for each other. As soon as they saw one another, it seemed like all the stress of the day just melted away. These two made me a believer in first looks! 

Camila and Peter were a couple after my own heart. Camila wore Converse Chucks to her reception and both of them love Mexicali blues in Arlington just like me! Their bubble exit was one of my favorite things to shoot thus far and their reception at the Officer’s club was a dream. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!