I have gotten quite comfortable traveling long distances to capture love stories this year. That being said, weirdly, I have not even explored most of my own state! It is a huge surprise that I have never photographed in Fredericksburg, VA. I jumped at the chance as soon as Chrissy and Randy were up for the location! 

One of the reasons I have probably never shot in this town is that it is overrun by EXTREMELY talented photographers. There are probably more (incredible) photographers in Fredericksburg, Virginia than there are nuns in a nunnery! I was pretty nervous to be shooting in the same locations as some of these women I admire so fiercely but I can see why this little town breeds photographers! This couple was amazing and just walking in the downtown area provided the perfect backdrop for photos. The train station, the river and the little home fronts of downtown Fredericksburg were a living dream. 

Chrissy and Randy are an extremely sweet couple. I love when both people feel comfortable in front of a camera and can just have fun with the session. We were crackin’ up all day long and they were up for any photo concept I threw their way! To top it all off, their outfits were the perfect combination of classic elegance with a hint of retro. 

I will be forever grateful for these two showing me around this little town and playing dress up for the afternoon. As you could probably tell, I was obsessed with Chrissy’s tattoos! I was having major ink envy all afternoon and she definitely encouraged me to get working on my sleeve! Here are some of my favorite shots from the afternoon!