I first met Lara Jones (soon to be D’Lando) when I was 14 years old. We met in freshman year Biology class and were probably the only two girls in IB that were obsessed with Relient K and Audrey Hepburn. After a few sleepovers and countless movie hang outs, I knew we would be lifelong friends. 

About a year ago, I started chatting to Lara about her corporate job at Nordstrom and how she felt unfulfilled. She was getting to meet people like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Spade but somehow felt like she wasn’t doing what she wanted. This year, Lara decided to take a leap of faith and launch her brand new business Gala Tuesday. I was extremely honored to snap her branding images for her creative endeavor and what better place than Palm Beach to capture a style queen?! 

This curated party supply company believes that every day is something to celebrate! This is just like Burchbox for hostessing! “Gala on the go”, a beautifully curated event-in-a-box, is her solution for event hosts everywhere who want the sophisticated, themed party without breaking the bank and having to order from handfuls of websites. Gala on the go boxes include place settings, room decor, food and drink adornments as well as recipes to go along with the theme. As if it ended there, she also provides style inspiration on her blog for both the decor and the wardrobe. Clients can purchase a package to host your best friend’s bridal shower or one to enhance your Sunday Family Dinner. As Lara would say, “there’s nothing holding you back from being the hostess with the mostest!”

I am thrilled to share her images and hope this inspires some of you to follow your own dreams.