This is one of my favorite sessions ever, not only because I loved the location, but I love the couple as well! I met Cale and Lori in college and actually eventually ended up working with Cale. He was in my husbands fraternity and Lori was in the “tacos”- a friend group of very close friend/roommate Steph Robinson. I always feel honored when friends ask me to capture their love story! It is an awesome thing to be asked. When they texted, “would you be opposed to shooting on a boat?” my response was “well, duh.”

After graduating from Duke, the two moved to Northern Virginia, where Cale grew up, and have been dating for six years (just like Ben and me)! After dating that long, you will eventually always be met with the question, “When are you guys finally tying the knot?” It wasn’t until this summer that Cale asked Lori to become Mrs. Gosnell. He planned the whole proposal to take place at his parent’s house in Annapolis (where this very shoot took place). 

The proposal weekend rolled around and, wouldn’t you know it, it rained. After trying to convince Lori to come sit on the upstairs balcony, the two decided on the covered porch. Cale got down on one knee with a ring created by his very own jeweler-aunt. This is the house where their relationship flourished for nearly all of their twenties so it was only fitting that Cale and Lori would opt to take engagement portraits on this piece of the Maryland coast. 

We set our alarms for sunrise the first weekend of October and, wouldn’t you know it.. it rained again! After some slight rescheduling we got to snap these portraits on a perfectly cloudless morning. We even took a few pictures in the exact location Cale popped the question.

As if we didn’t have enough bad luck, the boat refused to start! Regardless, we had an amazing morning drinking champagne and snapping dreamy portraits. Here are a few of my favorite shots of the day!