Before my first wedding this year, Ben walked me to my car and decided to snap my photo. It started as kind of a “First Day of School” kind of thing but then it evolved into our little tradition. Before every wedding, he would walk me to my car, take my picture, and kiss me goodbye. It just so happens that I shot 27 weddings this year which mean 27 dresses! How kismet!? I decided to turn this fun little tradition into a blog post after multiple wedding guests asked me where I got my dresses when I was shooting. Little did they know, I am obsessed with fashion and actually wrote a fashion blog for a brief time after college. One of the perks of this job is being able to really express my brand through my style. 

 So, without further adieu…. Here it is folks, the ensemble chronicles. 

Tiffany & Andrew | Feb 19th

This was actually a Florida wedding! The maxi doesn’t seem very DC… because it wasn’t haha. We had to hop on a plane for this one. 

Wayne and Sophie | April 9th

I actually never wore these boots again because the buckles clinked when I was shooting there ceremony at an indoor venue in Richmond! 

Christine and Ron | April 17th

This dress has pockets! One of my favorite things ever for a piece of clothing. 

Jeanette and Drew | April 23rd

So, I have this dress in 3 different patterns! This cut is the best for my massive shoulders haha. 

Carleen & Dan | April 30

It actually was raining too hard for Ben to come to the car! We snapped this on the porch instead. 

Matt and Raul | May 7th

I feature this dress in two weddings because I actually shot both weddings in one day! One was a daytime ceremony and the other was later in the evening! 

Stephanie and Nick | May 7th

We had a REALLY wet spring so I brought that coat and these rain boots to most of my spring weddings! 

Alexis & Ray | May 21st

I love this dress so much! I never got to wear it as a middle school teacher so this baby came out when shooting on weekends!

April & Steve | May 22nd 

I actually shoot the majority of my weddings in glasses. If a contact pops out, I’m screwed! 

Heather & Brenden | July 1st

JCrew for the win here! Scallops are one of my favorite style features ever! 

Camila & Peter | July 9th

Please excuse my ballerina bun! I was clearly having a tough morning! 

Colby & Nick | July 23rd

Most wedding photographers dress in only black but I really don’t think it suits my personality! Also, if I am in a guests photo, I want to look like any other guest! 

Katherine & Tyler | August 20th

Obsessed with this dress. I actually wore it to my own engagement session with Ben!

Almila & Cameron | August 21st

Ok also, we need to talk about these shoes. They are PERFECT for shooting weddings with 8 hours on your feet. They are from DSW and are Abella (a comfort brand). 

Christine & Josh | September 10th

Sometimes I make dumb faces because it’s awkward taking photos in the parking lot of your condo complex at 10AM. 

Carolyn & Matt | September 17th

My dad’s girlfriend did my hair here because they were staying with us. I actually don’t know how to braid. 

Kristen & Jonathan | September 30th

Although pink is my branding color, I actually think I look best in blue and green! 

Kim & Alan | October 1st

I had to pop on tights in October because it started getting chilly! 

Jess & Jeff | October 15th

This is another of my favorite looks but, in retrospect, I may retire it because my Starbucks barista said I looked naked under the blue! 

Heather & Dave | October 22nd 

I adore this dress. Thanks to the JCrew outlet! I actually get most of these on sale! 

Lauren & Robbie | October 29th

Another place I always shop at is Affordable, good lengths and adorable!

Pam & Tom | October 29th

I also shot 2 weddings on the same day in this dress! I doubt in 2017 I will take that task on again ha!

Kate & Jordan | November 4th

POCKETS! Bam. If you’re looking for where I snag some of these deals, check out TJMaxx. #Maxinista. 

Morgan & Jeff | November 13th 

This was actually a Target find. If you can’t tell, I like A-lines. 

Erin & Jonathan | December 10th 

Not pictured, a massive coat because it was freezing. Ben was not thrilled to come take this. 

Gus & Jordan | December 17th

I actually need to get this dress tailored! A belt did the job… sorta. 

Erin & Justin | December 29th 

True life, I sort of have a thing for seahorses. Although this was more of a summer dress, I wanted to feel fun for my last wedding of the year! 

There you go guys! I hope you liked this little journal! Bring on the 2017 weddings!