I met Jessie in college. We actually both swam for rival teams. I swam for Duke and she swam for NC State. Although we competed against each other, our teams shared a mutual hate for UNC. Over the course of our 4 years in college, it turned out that we were pretty similar with the exception of which strokes we swam! We had the same friends and would consistently find each other at He’s Not Here by the karaoke machine.

Not only did our senses of fashion align but we both had a passion for teaching. We both would go on to be middle school teachers in different states. Truthfully though, my blonde Texas twin is a saint. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and when she introduced me to Mike, I had high expectations…. Every single one of my expectations was met and exceeded. This is such a genuine couple and you can tell in the way they treat each other. Jessie and Mike are a complete team. There is no better way than to witness how a couple interacts than when they are watching someone else’s kids.

The weekend I visited Houston, Jessie had agreed to nanny for a family after snapping engagement photos. We essentially stayed in my Barbie dream house Texas-style so I was completely on board. We baby sat 3 little girls and the best part was seeing how awesome Mike handled the gig! We played Sushi-Go and had Justin Bieber dance parties all weekend. Needless to say, it felt like vacation.

 I can’t wait to capture their special day this October in one of the most stunning venues I have visited in the south! Here are some of my favorite shots from Hermann park and around Rice University!