Lekha and Aalok couldn’t have picked a better time for their engagement session! Every year, the DC cherry blossoms give photographers everywhere a headache! You never know when they will truly be in peak bloom. The predictions can change weekly and within a day, they can all be washed away by rain. There have been years where they never fall on a weekend and to truly see their beauty, you need to go on a weekday. Furthermore, it can be challenging to find a spot without tourists crowding your images. To avoid the pandemonium, it is best to go at sunrise and find secret spots around the tidal basin or elsewhere.

This year, Lekha reached out to me for engagement photos since we were both Duke alumns! We were toying with different DC-esque locations until we both happened to have an opening during cherry blossom time! We met on a Tuesday sunrise and spent 2 hours beneath the trees. During our session, I learned that Lekha and Aalok met as kids in high school! They have known each other for over 10 years. After dating long-distance, the two decided to tie the knot in their new home of Chicago, Illinois.

I wish all the best to this adorable couple and I will be sharing these cherry blossom images for years to come!