The above photo was snapped on my very own wedding day by Tyler Herrinton. It is one of my absolute favorites from our wedding! Getting ready photos are some of my favorite shots of the day so I was pretty nervous when I was deciding what to wear. Since we got married on a farm, I decided that denim monogrammed shirts would be the most fitting! After shooting heaps of weddings, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite wedding morning attire! I hope this inspires my 2017 brides and beyond! Here is my top 5 list for what to wear wedding morning!  

1. Simple Robes

Whether you have comfy bath robes or silky kimonos, I adore this look! The bride can wear her own pattern or you can monogram them as a gift to your maids! My one piece of advice would be to have shaved legs and full coverage undies! 

2. Floral Patterns

Florals are a stunning way to add some femininity to your wedding morning! Often times, you will be getting ready in a plain hotel room or Air BnB. The floral patterns can dress up the backdrop and can even match your theme colors!

3. Monogrammed Shirts

Obviously, this is one of my personal favorites! I will tell you it is a pain i the butt to make these a surprise! You not only need to know all middle names but if anyone gets engaged or married, you may order the wrong monogram! Either way, it is a darling bridesmaid’s gift if you can pull it off! 

4. Flannel

This is perfection for a winter or fall wedding! Flannel is super comfortable and gives the look of a slumber party! You can play with colors and fabrics before deciding on your look. 

5. Matching T’s 

You can also purchase matching Ts or tanks for your wedding morning! You can reuse bachelorette shirts or order new custom ones with a wedding phrase or hashtag! Etsy is a great place to shop for your wedding morning T-shirts! 

There you have it folks, the top 5 things to wear wedding morning. I hope this inspired you to have some fun with getting ready shots!