Well, it FINALLY happened.. I had a couple select this dream location for their engagement photos! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS PLACE EXISTS!? Jess and Zimri are my idea of the perfect clients- adventurous, hilarious and super in love. When I suggested the inside of a clocktower, they jumped at the chance to explore someplace new. 

These two sweethearts met through Jess’ little sister. She was working in Maryland and said that Zimri was a good person to network with. Network indeed! Jess & Zimri ended up chatting quite a bit but very little about work. At an office Os game, they wound up sitting next to one another and spent the whole game only hanging out with each other! Fast forward a bit in their relationship and the two were happy as can be, going on Baltimore dates and learning to cook through Blue Apron. Once special night, as Zimri was cooking a “prepped” meal, he had Jess read the instructions for the dinner… only it wasn’t your typical instruction card… instead of reading the written out cooking steps, Jess read his marriage proposal! Their sweet story is the perfect compliment to these romantic images. I know they’ll have a wedding full of love and laughter this upcoming May!