Today marks 6 years of Ben Tuben. Some may say it’s a little greedy to have 2 anniversaries but with 365 days in a year, I think I am allowed to devote two of them to love. We have only been married a year but today marks the day during my Senior year of college when Ben and I drunkenly kissed in the Belmont parking lot after a swim team party. I have known Ben since we were teenagers but it took a few years for us to get our act together and choose forever. In celebration of year 6, I am going to list 6 things I am going to do better as a wife. 

1) I am going to lay off of your video game habit. Swear it.

2) I am going to learn to relax better! When I don’t have a wedding on Saturday, it’s okay just to make snacks and chill. 

3) I am going to cook more dinners… even though you’re the better cook.

4) I am going to stop joking about your hairline and my waistline. I love getting older with you and all that it entails. 

5) I will continue to make you laugh by being goofy and saying weird sh*t. This includes bizarre Game of Thrones puns that make no sense. 

6) I will continue to kiss you good morning and steal the covers at night. I will continue to drag you to places like Banff (even if it includes a photo shoot or two). I will continue loving you for the next six years and beyond. 


Happy OG Anniversary babe.