This is a radical departure from 99% of the work that I tend to shoot. I have devoted my business to mostly weddings but every once in a while I like to do a passion project that keeps me creative and having fun. In my life, building up other women entrepreneurs is something I am super passionate about and I particularly love women with a hilarious sense of humor. This shoot encompassed both of those things. This is Morgan Miller– comedian extraordinaire. I met this goddess in college; Morgan was college roomies with one of my best swimmer friends Ashley Twichell. She did me a solid way back when I first started dating Ben that I will never forget. Ben is obsessed with the movie Cloverfield. It just so happened that Morgan’s also hilarious brother was an actor in this very flick. TJ signed the movie poster as follows: “Ben, I hear this is your favorite movie… it is my second favorite after Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”  The poster still resides in our home to this day over a decade later. 

I wanted to snap a lifestyle/branding session that showed the weirdness of New York and that captured the brilliant sense of humor of Morgan. Photos don’t do this girl justice; you really need to see her on stage! If you’re in NYC, go check out a show if you can!