I have had so many people ask me about this proposal! It was shared on Instagram a few times and commenters have thought it was fake which gave me and the bride to be a huge laugh. This adorable love story has finally been shared on Wedding Chicks so I am able to share it on my personal blog!

Dave and Ellese are dear friends of mine. They have an adventurous spirit so it was only natural that we’d plan a couples’ trip together. They have modeled for me before so it seemed like a no brainer to set up a mini “styled shoot” while we were in Banff. Little did Ellese know, Dave had put the whole thing together to propose! The trip, the shoot, the rented dresses.. everything! He even made it seem like it was her idea! At Moraine Lake mid “photoshoot” Dave asked Ellese to be his wife. Tears, shock and a lot of cheering followed. We celebrated by going to dinner at the Fairmont on Lake Louise to celebrate! I cannot WAIT for the stunning wedding these two are planning. 

Here is a little blurb from the groom to be about how they met:

“It was a Wednesday night and we both had tickets to a concert in town. We each were talked into going to a pre-concert party by our respective friends and, reluctantly, agreed to go. As soon as we set eyes on each other we could see a bit of a spark, just enough to ignite a fire. We made short conversation at the pre-party but by chance were lined up to enter the show right next to each other. While waiting, we got to know one another more and once inside we had a blissful night of dancing, flirting, and ultimately, a kiss. There was electricity in the air. Before we knew it, the show had ended and the sun was rising. We had spent the whole night talking, laughing, and learning about each other. It felt so natural, unpressured, no awkwardness; as if we had been good friends for many years. It was something special and we both knew it. Even trying to prolong the time between seeing each other that night and the first text to see one another again, not to seem desperate of course, seemed ridiculous as we were both infatuated. Many dinners and exciting dates came to pass and in a blink of an eye we realized that we were in fact already living together as we simply didn’t want to spend our nights away from each other. For what felt like ages, but in actuality; was not too long at all, we battled to not be the first to say I love you but I (Dave) couldn’t hold it in anymore. From there it has been nothing short of a dream.”

With a romantic like this, I can’t wait to hear their vows! 

A huge thank you to Sweet Caroline Styles for the stunning skirt!