Sitting down to write this blog post was quite the endeavor. The trip I am about to describe has been DECADES in the making. I have always wanted to explore more of the American West by car (and live on the road) but I just didn’t really know how. I first thought about buying a van and renovating it to be a sleeper camper. Although I found heaps of helpful websites, not being handy and having never been camping, I felt extremely at a disadvantage. I looked into renting a van from various companies but I found them to be nearly as expensive per day as a hotel room! I put it out of my mind until fate stepped in.

April 9, 2018

Camping the American West | California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada | Destination Wedding Photographer Personal Post

Let’s talk about color. A lot of brides start wedding planning with a single color. A whole day can be built around a theme or “color story”. Many brides select the same color again and again making them a classic. Navy and blush, for example, are wedding classics because they deliver clean beauty time and time again. However, new brides are starting to stray from tradition. Sequins, florals and mixing shades are the new trend in bridal!

January 15, 2017

Sequin Gold Bridesmaid Style | Arizona Buttes Wedding