Tempe Arizona Desert Sweetheart Session | Shy & Brady

 Oh man do I adore this couple. I met Brady through a mutual swimmer friend. No matter where I go, I can always find a swimming connection! Brady swam with Meghan Dwyer in California right before she left for Duke where we would be teammates. When I told her I was headed west on a photography journey, she knew this incredible couple would love portraits for to capture their love story.

Brady swam for Harvard but ended up meeting Shy met in Las Vegas. After they started dating, he knew he had to move back to the west coast. All during our session we were chatting and laughing while hunting down the best cactus. I got to pick Shy’s brain about local eats and we actually ended up going to the taco joint she recommended. When they offered to drop me back at our start point in the back of the cab of the truck, I knew we would be fast friends. I only wish I had more time in Arizona to get beers with these two.

Here are my favorite shots from their desert sweetheart session: