My best friend is ENGAGED. This is not a drill people! These two had the most adorable engagement session this weekend in the Duke Gardens. Jess and Ryan came down for our five year college reunion and I was able to steal them away for a sunrise shoot. I was honored to be able to catch them on camera just two months before they tie the knot.

Ryan has the biggest heart. He not only came down to Jess’ alumni reunion, but he was also a boat load of fun the entire weekend. I consider him a champ for waking up super early on this getaway adventure to snap a few shots of this moment in time.

I think engagement sessions are so so important. They help to get rid of wedding day photo jitters and are great practice for posing instructions that may seem unnatural! Engagement shoots are also such a fun reminder of an incredibly romantic point in your life before you officially become Mr. and Mrs.

Years into their marriage, I hope Jess and Ryan look back on this day and remember the fun they had. Amidst the wedding planning and busy work schedules, couples should always steal time to spend capturing their young love. Before nuptials, home ownership and babies, there was true love.

Here are some more of my favorite shots of the day!


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