This has been a LONG overdue blog post. First of all, let me say, I owe a HUGE thank you to The Rising Tide Society. Two months ago, I was surprised with a ticket to Paris immediately following my May wedding. After my initial “holy cow I am so so lucky” reaction, my first thought was, I need to plan a photo session while in the city of love! 

Now, I have been to Paris before but it never dawned on me to seek out complete strangers to photograph. So, with absolutely no intentions of this working out I posted this message: 

Guys, I just got surprised with a ticket to Paris & I leave Thursday!! I would love to snap a couple in the most romantic city in the world!! Please reach out of you’re in the city & would like a free couples session in France next weekend! Ask friends!” 

…And wouldn’t you believe it but someone answered! Ru Wood, a fellow Tider whom I have never met, replied: 

“I may know someone! I’m going to pm you and friend request you so I can introduce you to an amazing musician who may love photos with his lady.

Just one week later I would be introduced to these two amazing individuals: James and Giulia (pronounced Julia). This couple not only spent an hour of their Sunday with me posing and snuggling at my request but they also gave me a list of things to do while I spent my final day alone in Paris. James & Giulia floored me by showing me, a complete stranger, the kindness that a dear friend might in a brand new city. 

Not only did I get stunning images for my travel portfolio but I had a blast while doing it! After our short walk to the Louvre, I felt like I had known these two for ages. Both James and Giulia are not from Paris originally but they work in the city and speak fluent French! When I first met James, his British accent actually threw me for a loop! Nothing will make you feel more American than a Brit speaking French. I need to up my language game!

I can’t begin to thank these two enough (which makes it even more embarrassing that this took me a month to edit and finally publish!). If only I lived in Paris; we could have more days like this! This session left me feeling one step closer to my dream of shooting internationally. I will 100% pay it forward if any fellow Tider needs a helping hand in DC! Here are a few more of my favorite shots from the day!