Last month, Ben and I were lucky enough to fly to French Polynesia on our honeymoon. Through a year of saving and doing Wanderable as our only method of wedding gifts, we were able to spend two full weeks in paradise. We flew in to Tahiti and then journeyed on to Moorea and then flew off to Bora Bora. Hands down, it was the trip of a life time. One thing about honeymooning I did not expect was that Ben & I would meet other amazing couples on our journey! 

After a few encounters at the swim up bar, we became fast friends with Kim & Andrew Pia. This adorable couple is essentially the Northeastern version of us. They met at Syracuse (an ACC school just like Duke) and graduated in 2011, same as us! Kim cheered in college and Ben and I were both Division I athletes as well. We also weirdly got engaged in the same weekend & planned our weddings within weeks of one another! If that weren’t enough to make us fast friends, as it turned out, we were on the same exact travel timeline through the islands. Same hotels, same transfers, nearly identical travel agents. It felt like fate. 

After a few beach days, an AV tour and some coconut beverages, I proposed a mini photoshoot to capture their honeymoon bliss. I was super nervous that my passion for photoshoots would be off-putting to our new friends until Kim responded with “Who would say no to that?!” 

When Ben and I returned home, we were hit with the obvious post-honeymoon blues but I think part of it was that we wouldn’t be able to get fresh fish dinners with our new Connecticut couple twins! We are already planing a journey up north for a Giants game with these ‘two Pias in a pod’. Here are a few more of my favorite shots from the day!