I met Himanshu and Shuchi on a sunny Saturday afternoon at the Georgetown waterfront. After they complimented me on my camera, we got to talking and I handed them my business card thinking nothing of it. A week later, Himanshu emailed me saying that he was planning on proposing the very next week after we had met! How fortuitous! 

These two sweethearts had met at a mutual friend’s party and fell in love shortly after. Himanshu was nervous that Shuchi knew he was planning to propose because during planning he confessed to me that “he hopes the surprise works; she has a wandering mind.” Let me tell you, she was shocked! After I revealed myself I asked if she had any clue and through her laughter and sweet smile she exclaimed “Not a clue!”

I wish the future Gupta’s a lifetime of love and happiness. Here are a few more of my favorite shots of the day: