I get a lot of brides asking me, “What if it rains on my wedding day?” My answer is always, “Then we get wet!” This spring has been particularly rainy in Virginia; in fact, it rained on my wedding day too! April handled the rain just as every bride should, by dancing in it. When asked if she still wanted her portraits outside she replied with a resounding ‘Of course!’

As a bride, I checked the weather compulsively the week before my big day. I now see this as a type of torture. You cannot control the weather and half the time, weathermen are wrong. If it looks like it is going to rain on your day the only thing you can do (beside enacting the rain plan) is get yourself some cute bridal Hunter rain boots! Maybe even make the best of it and go umbrella shopping! 

If the rain catches you off guard, or you really did not think you needed that tent deposit ‘just in case’ then kick off your heels and dance in the rain. The old saying goes: a wet knot is a tight knot. It’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day! The fact that April & Steve still had a blast during their portraits is a testament to how the weather doesn’t matter at all when you have each other. This group had a blast during this rainy Sunday affair; the wedding party even secretly decorated the newlywed’s car in the pouring rain during the reception! 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from my day shooting with my dear friend and Netflix twin Chelsea Schaefer.