I have felt super connected to this couple since day one. We had a Skype call to introduce ourselves and, almost immediately, we were introducing each other to our cats! Morgan and Jeff met at trivia and are the sweetest couple you’ll ever hope to meet. They are both so authentic and genuine that they completely embody my motto of being ‘true, original sweethearts’. Their wedding planning, just like their relationship, seems so honest to who they are; they’re even getting vegan treats for their dessert! 

Once they decided they wanted me to capture their special day, we got to talking about the engagement session. We threw a few suggestions back and forth until Morgan found the perfect location with 100% certainty: the Dupont Metro. 

When she suggested the long escalator for their engagement photos, a part of me thought she was kidding. We live in one of the most stunning cities in the world with monuments, stunning legislative buildings and gorgeous national parks but Morgan held this idea close to her heart. She told me that the metro is a special place for her and Jeff.  “No matter what is going on, that escalator just feels like our place. We could be in a bad mood on the subway and then get to those steps and immediately forget what we were bothered by. It feels like a mini break where everything just stops and we can just be us.” 

I have to tell you, I am so so happy she suggested this spot! They had so much fun with this shoot and I weirdly had a blast riding up and down the escalator with them. I love couples that dare to be different and try something new or unique. I will forever be thankful to these two for showing me that the location doesn’t matter, the story behind it does. Here are a few more shots from our day in Dupont, on and off the escalator!