I am so so thankful that Becky Wilcher took me along to shoot the wedding of Alexis and Ray. These two crazy kids tied the knot this rainy wedding season with the best of attitudes. Not once did anyone complain about the weather or the muddy grass that went along with it. This is 100% due to the amazing nature of Alexis and the people she surrounds herself with.  

So much of a wedding day is dictated by the bride. The very feel of a wedding can completely change depending on the gal running the show. Alexis was the sweetest, most carefree bride I have ever met. She not only had a place at the table (and place card) for Becky and I to sit with guests but she also had a special moment with each and every bridesmaid at her wedding. By the end of the night, Alexis even took her updo out and put her brunette locks in a messy bun. She is a girl after my own heart, 

Alexis’ love is 100% reciprocated by her husband and best friends. I have never seen a group of girls simultaneously cry when seeing the bride for the first time. Even I teared up and I had just met this gang that morning! Being a part of this day was a true joy.

The highlight of the day for me was capturing the first look. We stole a moment during a break in the rain so Ray and Alexis could share this special moment together. After the two embraced, they read hand written letters to one another as a private vow exchange before the ceremony. It was extremely touching and I felt honored to steal a peek into their supportive, loving relationship. Here are a few more of my favorite shots from the day: