I get a lot of disbelieving looks when I tell people that my father is a male model. Well, it’s high time I make a blog post about it! This is my dad, Doug Jeffrey. He is a male model. Cue all of the Zoolander jokes; we have made them all. He became a male model well into his 40s. He was attending a red carpet event with his then (and current) girlfriend Ellen Dolan for her acting work on As the World Turns. He was approached by an agent and asked who was “representing him”. My dad laughed and said he was unquestionably without representation. A few weeks later, he was signed on to a model agency and was booking gigs all over the globe! 

He has been featured in a bunch of ads ranging from car commercials (which I sadly couldn’t locate) to ads about vision or “vitality” meds. The above image is my father as a board game character Fiske Cahill for the game 39 Clues. How amazing is that! In college, I was out to dinner with my friends and opened the menu to find my FATHER! He was actually in the Cheesecake Factory menu for a Carnival Cruise line advert going down a slide with a little girl posing as his fake daughter! They could’ve easily hired his real one LOL. 

Above is my weirdly my favorite shoot he has ever done. In 2010, my dad was featured in French Vogue in a Tom Ford spread that actually got a lot of blow back. The idea behind this shoot was exploring the idea of sexuality and age. How bold! I think my dad’s ability to do this is incredibly brave. He inspired me to go after something you find fun, a passion, and pursue it without shame. Saying you want to be “a male model” or “a photographer” can sometimes be met with judgment and hesitation. We are both living proof that you can chase your dreams and still pay the bills. My dad switched from Ford modeling and is now represented by Maximum Talent model agency. Here are some of my favorite modeling images of dear old dad (not taken by me!):