Never have I photographed two people with such an authentic love. Alex and Arielle just are so natural together that it felt more like a morning with good friends than an engagement session.

I met Alex in high school and he is just such a genuine guy. He was always so welcoming and super fun to be around. You get the feeling that he means what he says and just generally cares about people. We had a big group of mutual friends and got to chill from time to time (as often as my swim practice schedule would allow). When he got engaged to his college sweetheart, I knew I had to get them in front of my camera!

Elle was the most easy going girl. Not only was she warm an friendly on a freezing North Carolina morning but she was game for anything I suggested! I guess I should expect a poet to roll with the punches. After our time in the Little Theater Rose Garden, Elle and Alex wanted some snaps that rang more true to their relationship. They decided to paint the Free Expression tunnel at Elle’s school- NC State. They painted their initials and goofed around the tunnel for some fun portraits. I just loved getting to spend the morning with them and hanging out with cans of spray paint in hand. Here are some of my favorite snaps from the day!