Capturing proposals is my absolute favorite thing in the world! I get to play spy for the day & witness one of the most romantic moments in a person’s life! When Corie contacted me about snapping engagement photos for her brother, I couldn’t wait to hear details. 

Philip decided that instead of engagement photos, he wanted to capture the very moment he proposed! Phil and her girlfriend Delia were visiting DC on a short romantic getaway. Little did she know that breakfast with a friend was actually her proposal at the cherry blossoms! 

Philip decided to propose near the boat rentals on the Tidal Basin. Because it’s tourist season, I could blend in and pretend to take photos of cherry blossoms until their arrival! Our sign was that he would stop, tuck in his shirt and then I would know to snap the photos! His “will you marry me” was met with hugs and kisses from a thrilled Delia. I can always tell when the asked party is surprised because typically, they are in a cozy outfit! While we were taking pictures she exclaimed, “I had no idea! I didn’t even have my nails done or anything!” 

A massive congratulations to Philip & Delia on deciding on forever together!