Have you ever met a couple that you just felt like you instantly knew? That’s how it was with Ashleigh and Ryan. Walking towards the Opera House, I heard my name called across the road and I was met with a warm hug from Ashleigh… we had never met before this moment! A few months back, Ashleigh had emailed me saying “Not to be creepy but I saw that you’re going to be in Sydney, we are too! We’d love some engagement photos!” I was so thrilled! As part of my travels, I try to capture a couple in every new country I visit. It just so happens that this duo is originally from within driving distance of my house in Falls Church! How crazy is that! We had to travel across the globe to have beers with each other when we actually lived an hour away in America. 

To make the world even smaller, Ashleigh swam at South Carolina. It’s possible we even raced mutual friends while I swam at Duke. Life is crazy. We decided to meet at Dawes Point in the Circular Quay to snap some portraits. After getting to know Ryan and Ashleigh as a couple, I felt like we were old friends. This is the coolest couple. They’re living in Australia on a work visa because when else can you just pick up and live abroad but in your twenties?! These two college athletes were a dream to shoot and I can’t wait for the planning to commence on their wedding in 2018! Here are some of my favorite snaps from our sunset near the Syndey Opera House: