Abby & Sam’s story is one of my absolute favorites. Abby, the Olympic diver and Sam, a talented collegiate athlete himself, both met at Duke. She attends Duke medical school and Sam is the Duke assistant football coach so it stands to reason that these two would meet on campus no? Wrong! Actually, these two met through a kismet accident. 

At Duke, you are issued a school ID. As luck or fate would have it, Abby seemed to have lost her Duke ID somewhere on campus. Sam, being the observant guy that he is, happened to stumble upon said ID and sent this modern day damsel-in-distress an email. He not only returned her ID but asked her on a date as well! 

Dates turned into a relationship which eventually turned into adopting an adorable puppy and building a home together. Sam proposed to Abby on the beach in Connecticut where they will tie the knot this summer! He not only presented her a ring but asked her to marry him with the lost ID… her new last name taped over the front. I can’t wait to celebrate these two in Connecticut in a few short months! Here are a few of my favorite shots from downtown Durham and the Duke gardens!