City center is now officially my new favorite place to shoot in spring! I adore it when my couples suggest portrait locations! When Sasha emailed me suggesting a crosswalk & City Center, I was all about it! I love shooting in places I’ve never been; it allows me to be even more creative and lets me explore my own city. 

Sasha’s office location gave her the inspiration for the Pennsylvania crosswalk. She would walk past it every day and think, ‘how pretty is this’? It made the perfect backdrop to showcase Matt & Sasha’s love story in the city they call home. While Matt and Sasha live in Logan Circle with their puppy Milo, these two actually met in undergrad and ended up at the same law school in DC! To top off their worldwide romance, they plan to tie the knot in California near the bachelor mansion! I had so much fun hanging out with the future Bernsteins and I wish them all the best! Here are some of my favorite shots from our sunrise on the national mall and our morning coffee at Logan Circle!