Not only do I love to photograph wedding day, I love to be a part of them. I am somewhat of a wedding junkie. I ADORE all things marriage. On my weekends off, I am often times attending a wedding as a guest or bridesmaid. Recently, my life has been resembling 27 Dresses (I guess Ben looks a little like James Marsden haha) and I LOVE it! Being on the other side of a lens is such a great learning experience and definitely informs how I shoot a bridal party! 

Below are my top 10 tips on how to e the best bridesmaid ever! 

1. Be There for the Bride 

I cannot stress this enough, the day is not about YOU! Above all things, you are there to make sure the bride is your number on priority. Does your hair look bad? WHO CARES!? Your only roll is to ensure the happiness of your best friend getting married. There is so much stress on wedding day that if you can relieve just a tad of that stress, you should do so immeditaely! 

2. Double Check Attire 

I have seen bridesmaids show up with the wrong shoes and forget jewelry but the worst is when something goes wrong with a dress! Be SURE to try on the gown months in advance. Many bridesmaid’s dresses need to be altered. Don’t wait until the last minute. 

3. Watch Your Alcohol Intake 

This can be a tricky one. Everyone wants to have fun at the reception. Just make sure you aren’t the wasted bridesmaid… particularly if you’re giving a speech! There is a time and place for one too many, your best friend’s wedding isn’t one of them. 

4. Participate in as Many Activities as Possible

Now, I understand price and budget can be a factor in this. If you can’t afford to go to the bachelorette, that is understandable. But if you can swing it, GO! This is the one time you get to meet all the bridesmaids before the wedding! The shower, engagement party and rehearsal dinners are all great options for this too! 

5. If Allowed, Bring a Fun Date Who Can Be Alone

Being a bridesmaid means you are occupied most of the day. You’ll be getting ready with the girls all morning and standing up during the ceremony. You won’t be able to have a slow brunch and enjoy the cocktail hour with your date. Be sure you bing someone who is comfortable hanging out alone until the reception. If you can’t find that person, go stag! 

6. Don’t Forget About the Groom

If you are a bridesmaid for the bride, don’t forget, she is promising forever to another person! Make an effort to get to know the groom and celebrate with him! Share a dance, hug or drink with the groom to let him know you support them both! 


Weddings are like adult proms. DANCE! It can be so awkward at weddings when no one wants to join on the dance floor. Sacrifice yourself for the good of the group and get the party going! 

8. Make an Effort to Get to Know The Other Bridesmaids

Sometimes, you won’t know the whole girl squad you’re about to be with all day. It can be a bit like the movie Bridesmaids. Make an effort! They don’t have to be your best friends by the end of the night but it will make the bride feel supported by girls who are courteous and friendly. 

9. Keep Your Complaints to Yourself

This is probably the biggest one. I am not sure why I made it number 9! If something is expensive, keep it to yourself. If you dislike the way you look in the color of bridesmaid dress.. shut up about it. Keep the mood positive! 

10. Have Fun! 

Yes, you have a lot of responsibilities to keep to on wedding day but remember to have fun! Many times, this is the last time you and a group of friends will be together for a long time. Careers, babies and life changes start to hold attention as we age and remember to savor this moment with your pals!