This session right here was a DREAM. Alex and Mitch were utter perfection at the monuments this spring sunrise. They decided on engagement photos at the Lincoln memorial because that is where Mitch proposed. Actually, minutes earlier, someone stole his thunder and popped the questions right before he did! What are the odds!? We ended the DC engagement at the Kennedy Center, where the two had their first date. 

Alex and Mitch have the sweetest story. They met through a mutual friend and when they chatted to Alex about Mitch they said, “I just met your future husband” to which Alex replied “Yea right! Haha” Little did she know, Mitch was the one for her! I loved everything about this session. We talked all about the California coastline and the air force life. Mitch was hamming it up all morning and always got Alex to smile and feel at ease in front of the camera. I had so much fun with these two and am so glad we got connected by friends!