Well, it FINALLY happened… I got to shoot a carnival engagement! Words cannot express my excitement! I was so thrilled that Sky & Dallen were up for something different. It really felt just like a fun evening at the fair together. I have been obsessed with shooting at a carnival since I was a teenager. I always loved the South Florida Fair growing up and after seeing the Notebook, I was determined to one day capture love at a fair. It just so happens that the Arlington County Fair lined up perfectly with our schedules! Not only am I in love with this session but Sky, being a photographer herself, has planned a stunning wedding at the Wren chapel in June! Read all about their story and stay tuned for a beautiful William & Mary wedding!

Below are a few words from the bride about their story!

How we met: We met during my first week of college. Dallen was the orientation aide for her freshman hall. We became friends over the next year, both serving on student government, running on opposing tickets for school President/Vice President and both losing. We started dating after spending most of the summer nonstop texting (and running up our phone bill!). 

The proposal: Dallen and I decided to take a trip to Ireland on my birthday. The day after my birthday we headed the small medieval town of Glendalough, a place that I desperately wanted to go to take photos of the Irish countryside. Before we drove down, Dallen casually mentioned his coworker’s brother had just been there and stopped off at the J.B. Malone Memorial and that it was beautiful. I quickly agreed! Once we arrived, we began our hike to the top of the mountain. I was soaking in the beautiful view completely oblivious to what was coming. Once we got to the top, we spoke about the beauty in front of us, how much we love each other, and our excitement for the future. Dallen stepped away, which confused me as I still didn’t expect a proposal. He kneeled down and proposed! We celebrated together and soaked up the excitement of the moment. We spent the afternoon touring Glendalough and taking pictures. Then Dallen continued with the surprises by taking us out for a delicious dinner (that we still daydream about) at Patrick Guilbaud. It was a fantastic day and a lovely memory for us both!