I know what you’re thinking.. ‘These are the raddest engagement photos ever.’ Given my long history with this bride, I knew her engagement photos would be less than typical and super creative/fun. Jen & Perry wanted photos out of the ordinary ‘nuzzling in a park’. A costume engagement just fits them so perfectly. I have known Jen for a nearly thirteen years now! We met my freshman year at Atlantic Community High School and had IB World History & Geometry together. Our older siblings were friends at the same school so it was only natural that we began to chat and make mixed CDs for each other right off the bat. Four years of high school flew by and she was off to Vassar and I was off to Duke. We managed to stay friends even when she was living abroad in Australia. Post college I became immersed in the DC photog life as she was studying to practice medicine in Miami… during which time, she met Perry!

Now having a long distance friendship means you only hear about someone and can judge them through stories on the phone or via text. Perry seemed to be just my kind of guy: sarcastic, laid back and super into Jen. I finally was able to meet him at my wedding and now that Jen now a doctor doing her residency at Johns Hopkins (only an hour north of me yayyyy) I got to chill with these two one on one and explore the Baltimore Aquarium. I can’t wait for their November wedding in our hometown next fall!