Travel is the only thing that makes you richer… unless you’re Pilot Madeleine and travel LITERALLY makes you rich! This October, I met up with Madeleine and her adorable boyfriend Iqbal on the beach in Positano, Italy for a little sweetheart session. These two are FULL TIME travel bloggers. That’s right people, they get paid to fly all around the world, stay in glamorous hotels and write about their experiences. Madeleine has turned herself into a brand which leverages FacebookYoutube, Instagram and her website to pay the bills… and I thought MY job was cool! Business Insider even wrote her up! Talk about a boss babe. 

These two could not have been sweeter on camera! They both call Germany home and are fluent in English AND German and can reach out their fans in both languages. How cool is that?!  We chatted about their recent trip to Octoberfest and our opinions about Positano. You can read their Positano travel tips here on Madeleine’s blog! Here are a few of my favorite snaps:



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