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As you may (or may not) know, I have officially launched my photography workshop called The Real Talk Workshop. We get it Kir… you’re hosting a workshop. So why then am I writing a blog post about it? Well, I don’t really think a landing page on my site is doing this event justice. I want to really dive in and explain the passion behind this project. 

My Why 

Workshops are a lot of work. Honestly, they are a lot more work than shooting weddings in my opinion. You not only have to style a shoot and procure partnerships and vendors but you have to be an agent of change in someone’s livelihood. This is a responsibility I take EXTREMELY seriously and it is a lot of pressure… So why in the fresh hell would anyone want to host a workshop? Well, for me, photography has given me so much in the past few years. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it has given my life a new meaning. I have lasting friendships from those I have met in the industry, I get to work from home which is MILES better for my personal state of mind and it is a job that is rewarding every. single. day. I want to give this gift to others. I want to answer your questions openly and honestly about how I built my business and I want to free you from the chains of your corporate lifestyle! 


Why This Workshop? 

Let’s face it: Workshops are a dime a dozen. You can honestly trip over the amount of photographers in the DMV area. It seems like everyone and their mother is hosting a Workshop Experience. So why do you choose Real Talk over something else? Well, first of all, the shoot is going to be dope. Because I place so much emphasis on authenticity, I have truly gone back and forth about the value of styled weddings. Putting on a fake wedding to get published doesn’t honestly sit right with me…. but what I do value in these shoots is the learning experience for newer photographers or, for more seasoned photographers, the ability to book your ideal client with marketing images that inspire YOU. Also… have you seen Anderson House? I have dreams about this venue. The next reason to choose Real Talk is for its no frills, no BS attitude. I have left workshops feeling empty handed, never really getting to the meat of what is going to turn business. I want this to be a place of complete and total honesty- hence the name. 

The Inspiration

European Elegance in a DC space: that’s what Sarah and I have dreamed up. Are you sick of shooting barn weddings or budget hotel weddings? This shoot is meant to inspire and intrigue the classic vintage brides & grooms. She loves soft colors and heirloom jewelry. He loves a good suit and an even better whiskey. She values florals and her details as well as a good champagne. We styled this session for a timeless metropolitan couple with whimsy in their eyes and love in their hearts. 

Take Aways

You will not only get amazing swag, discount codes and knowledge to help pump up your business, but you’ll also have the most awesome take-away of all: the ability to NETWORK with our vendors and group. We are stronger when we build each other up. There is no price you can put on industry friends who are killer at their jobs. Lastly, I don’t want this to be a one day thing. All attendees have a Facebook community to reach out to including my contact info for any and all questions down the line! 


For those who missed it, here are the nitty gritty details! When: May 21st. Where: Anderson House | The Society of the Cincinnati. Brass Tax: $549 *Early Bird Available


10AM Sign in

10:20 Meet & Greet 

10:45AM Lecture on Workflow: From Booking to Gallery Day! 

11:45AM Lunch Break 

12:45PM Lecture on Mechanics: Wedding Day, Film, Low Light, Details etc

1:45 Break for Headshots

2:15PM Lecture about Business: Networking, Marketing SEO + Social Media, Branding 

3:15PM Styled Shoot 2 hours 

5:15 Wrap! + Optional Cocktail Hour

See ya there!! 



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