This was one of my favorite shoots from my trip to Cuba. Because I focus on weddings and real couples, I rarely work with models and oh man was it a treat! This lovely human knew exactly what angles to rock and gave bridal a whole new edge. I got to work with Chucha at Ira Kononenko’s studio as part of my travel experience with Amanda Bjorn. It was a unique experience directing someone who speaks in another language! My Spanish was super limited but we had a blast. 

The thing that breaks my heart about session is that Chucha has an extremely difficult time being able to get these images. No internet or computer to access leaves some Cubans disconnected from our world. It certainly gives you perspective. Could you imagine trying to make it as an entrepreneur without internet? Below are my favorite images of our bridal session. A huge thank you to Cathy Ebrada for lending me this fabulous gown. 



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