This will forever be one of my favorite sweetheart sessions. Katie and Scott took the time our of their weekend to drive to Glamis for sunrise at the dunes and I am SO glad they did! The perfect light, an ideal wardrobe and the sweetest couple ever. How did I get so lucky?! Katie is a stunning wedding photographer herself and runs Katie McGihon Photography. While she and her husband create photo magic behind the lens, it’s rare for them to be the subjects themselves without their three adorable kiddos. Making time to date your spouse is so important and I am so glad that I could create this mini-date for the McGihons! 

This adorable pair met and fell in love at our church 16 years ago and have been married for over 14 years (and business partners for 6). They have a passion for weddings, film photography, and educating photographers. Katie even developed her own set of presets that are super dreamy! They love food & jesus and have big dreams of opening a wedding venue in the south! Once it opens, you know where Ben and I will be visiting come opening weekend! Here are my favorite shots from our morning at the dunes! 

Below are the film frames I shot developed by The Find Lab!



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