I met this darling couple through Ellese and Dave. We had been talking about a couples’ trip for awhile. Since we’re both avid hiking couples and have Instagram husbands, Ellese and I thought it would be super fun to go to Banff and explore the Rockies. Little did she know, it was actually for her own proposal! Weeks before the trip, Ashley, Dave and I would text about our secret plans. It already felt like Ashley and I were partners in crime so it was easy for us to play our part in sneakily surprising Ellese. To not arouse suspicion, I suggested a photoshoot of BOTH couples. Thank goodness Ashley and Tyler were game! These two just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.. it only seemed right to commemorate it with an anniversary session at Moraine Lake.

Ashley and Tyler met in high school their Junior year out in California. After some teenage flirting, Tyler asked Ash to be his girlfriend on the beach next to their house in Laguna beach. The dated all through college and then long distance after graduation while Tyler was in dental school. In their final year of long distance, Tyler brought Ashley back to that same beach from high school  but this time to ask if she would be his wife. The two tied the knot at a winery in Paso Robles two years ago! When chatting over fondue at the Fairmont, I asked Ashley when she knew Tyler was the one. She said she knew he would be her lifelong love since that first year of high school. I love ALL of these images and I hope they inspire other mountain loving couples!