I had the absolute BEST morning with Emily & Nima. The two were a bit nervous at first because they had never had their portraits professionally done but, I must say, they did EXCELLENTLY! I think the champagne helped a bit 😉 We decided to snap sunrise engagement portraits at the Jefferson memorial. This was actually AFTER peak bloom and most of the cherry blossoms had died but we got lucky with one tree and crab apple blooms! 

This is a classic story of boy meets girl. She’s a southern American belle and he’s a Brit from across the pond. They met in Houston of all places and eventually moved to Washington, D.C. for work (like many millennials I know). While their love story knows no zip code, the two know that England has their heart. On a trip to Europe, Nima decided to propose to Emily near his hometown in Bristol. He took her to the park where he would hang out after school and asked her to spend their lives together. After a resounding YES, the two celebrated with family in local pubs! They are in the midst of planning their destination wedding in the country that was the start of their journey. Here are my favorite shots form the day!


  1. Christina says:

    These are amazing!!! I’m not a photographer! Actually a finance professional and mom but my sister wants me to snap some photos of her at the Jefferson memorial and I’m going to break out my old canon rebel that I haven’t used in years. Wondering what type of lense you used that captures the couple in between those huge columns? I have a 50mm and don’t think I could get far enough to get that wide shot? Any pointers? Thanks so much!!!


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