I have so many questions asked to me surrounding wedding day. What should we bring for details, where should we do our first look, how do we put together a family formal list etc. One of the best is when people ask for gift ideas! When a dear friend gets engaged, you want to celebrate them. Gifting is a love language so many of us express so it only stands to reason that a present is the perfect way to celebrate an engagement or wedding!


There are so many events surrounding matrimony to gift a unique and exciting present: engagement parties, showers, bachelorettes and even wedding day are the perfect time for gifting. My favorite wedding day gift is a Star Map from Modern Map Art. You can customize a spot in the sky based on a time and date! It’s even more romantic when a partner gives this gift as a surprise on the big day! I loved it so much that Ben and I have a custom map of where he proposed. Check out this link so get a sweet referral code for friends and family! 



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